The 1900 Hotel. A 19th century neoclassical mansion right on the seafront. An architectural gem that, through careful and thoughtful restoration, keeps its heritage alive and allows its guests to experience a modern version of its history.

The house has been left merely intact, yet meets the needs for comfort and simple luxury of today. High painted ceilings and walls are bursting with vibrant colors and details that will take your breath away. Vintage elements are beautifully matched with the charming ambiance of the building. Unobstructed views of perhaps the most beautiful harbor in Greece give you a sense of freedom and travel wherever you look. The large openings and strategic location of the building make you a private spectator of the amphitheatrical, colorful and lively stage of the port.

As you walk through the 1900 Hotel and its fabulous interiors, you can strongly feel the heavenly allure of a bygone era, only now it’s your storey being written. This stunning simplicity puts you centre stage and makes you the protagonist.

With the introduction of a new accommodation concept that respects full privacy, our guests receive a unique key code for hassle-free access. Two honesty bars, one on each level of the villa, add an extra touch to your intimate moments.

The main rooms of the house have been seamlessly transformed into four elegant suites, steeped in history.

On the entry level, a courtyard surrounded by lush greenery frames the blue of the Aegean Sea. As you pass through the main entrance, you look up at the beautifully painted ceilings. On the same level are the 1901 and 1902 suites.

The top floor consists of two more suites, 1903 and 1904, and the most amazing terrace overlooking the harbour. An honesty bar is located on the landing, once the corner where musicians played and accompanied family and friends lounging on the terrace.

As soon as you enter, you’ll stare in wonder. Then you will immediately notice how good it feels, your senses will awaken, your spirit will be lifted and you will begin to relax in peace, create lifelong memories and make plans to return. Because we dare say that Hotel 1900 is a place that once you see it, you will hardly forget.