Located in the Dodecanese Islands of Aegean Sea, Symi is known for its natural beauty and spectacular city, ranked a national monument for Greek architecture.

Inhabited by some 25,000 people at the beginning of the 19th century, the town of Symi is a mixture of different architectural typologies found throughout the Aegean. Colourful structures that blend harmoniously into the amphitheatrical landscape form a unique whole designed for the independent traveller. The harmonious architecture and peaceful surroundings create an enchanting setting for romance or relaxation.

The ambience is enhanced by the friendly people, fine Mediterranean cuisine and a fascinating 3,500-year history.

The Upper Village or “Chorio”, is a showcase of Aegean Architecture. Among the 2,500 houses and stone-paved streets are 14 beautiful churches.

Chorio is full of charm and never fails to impress those who explore its narrow streets.

Many magnificent beaches and secluded coves are scattered throughout the island. In contrast to the rocky coastline, the interior of the island is forested with cypresses and conifers and offers great hiking experiences.

On the south coast of the island is the Monastery of Panormitis, protector of the people of Symi and famous for its miracles.